The management and organization of the centre is carried out mainly by people, who have passed through the rehabilitation process. Leaving behind a life of drugs and addiction, they have decided to stay and work voluntarily in the association.

Nowadays, they perform the following tasks:

Administration and financial management

Therapeutic support to the patients during the three
stages of the program

Constant decision-making in connection with the therapeutic program, as well as other activities

Monitors and supervisors, in charge of organizing and managing the occupational workshops


We have two rehabilitation centres in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) – men and women.

One of these houses has been built by the same people involved in the occupational workshops, turning them into comfortable place to live in and fit to meet the needs.

Daily, apart from performing household tasks and caring for the people, who are in the process of detoxification, there are other activities, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, and sports activities.

In this way withdrawal process becomes more pleasant and the user feels more naturally a part of the therapeutic team and learns new patterns of conduct.


You can support our association, our team and our members in different ways



The drug addiction phenomenon has no boundaries; it knows no racial or social distinctions.

Countries from the five continents, no matter how developed or undeveloped they may be, are affected by this problem.

Our motivation in extending our assistance outside our boundaries comes from knowing, through the testimony of our volunteers, that there truly is a definite solution to this problem and a way to be completely free from addiction.